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Speeching Progressively

With former coach Jacki Papstein gone, Darby Davidson, English teacher, has taken over coaching the speech team. Many returning speech team members look at this change as both an opportunity to mix things up, and as an obstacle to overcome.

“It’s just different switching to a new coach. It’s just going to be a different season and we won’t know how it’ll go,” Nathan Klaumann ‘15 said.

Though she has little experience coaching speech team, Davidson was in speech team during high school, participating in the Poetry event. Despite her novice status, Davidson has many plans for the team.

“There will be a large emphasis on community and camaraderie,” Davidson said.

Davidson also has high ambitions for the team.

“We’re going to make each day our masterpiece as we travel in the pursuit of excellence,” Davidson said.

Davidson also plans on taking the speech team to State.

Another change is the absence of an assistant coach. Alumni Justin Schultis will not be returning to coach due to his work schedule at Schultis & Son Real Estate and Auction. As of yet, Davidson has not made any plans to find another assistant coach this year.

“Having Justin gone will mean one less expert opinion,” Klaumann said.